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Replacement HP 177624-001 Laptop AC Adapter

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HP 177624-001 Laptop AC Adapter
177624-001 Laptop AC Adapter

Laptop AC Charger For HP 177624-001

  • Item Number: AUAHP90W19V4.74A-5.5*2.5U
  • Model#: HP 177624-001
  • Input:AC 100 ~ 240V, 50 ~ 60Hz
  • Output Voltage:19V
  • Output:4.74A
  • Power:90W
  • Connector Size:5.5 * 2.5mm
  • Condition: New, replacement, 1 year warranty!
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Package including: 1x ac adapter + 1x AU power cord
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Price: AU $ 34.88

Our replacement HP 177624-001 AC Adapter is designed to work with your HP Laptop. Buy high quality HP 177624-001 Laptop AC Adapter at low price here, save your money and time!

Product Warranty
  • 100% QC of EVERY Laptop AC Adapter.
  • Brand New Replacement, Not Refurbished, Never Used.
  • Each HP 177624-001 replacement AC Adapter is guaranteed to be 100% compatible with your original HP laptop.
  • Intelligent IC chip recognizes a fully charged battery and automatically switches to saver mode to prevent overcharging and short circuit.
  • LED charging indication.
  • High quality HP 177624-001 Laptop AC Adapter with factory price.
  • 100% Secure Shopping Guarantee, Full 1 year warranty, 30 days money back guarantee!
  • We accept PayPal, Credit Card, WU, T/T etc payment method.

Package including

1x HP 177624-001 AC Adapter

1x Power Cord (AU US UK EU for your country)

Note: Please ensure the product(s) that you are going to buy fits the brand, model number, original battery's part number and original charger's part number of your device.
This HP 177624-001 Laptop AC Adapter can replace the following part numbers:



This HP 177624-001 Laptop AC Adapter is also compatible with the following models:


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DeskJet 450ci Mobile Printer
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Pavilion ZE4367
Pavilion ZE4367EA
Pavilion ZE4375EA
Pavilion ZE4384EA
Pavilion ZE4385AE
Pavilion ZE4385EA
Pavilion ZE4386EA
Pavilion ZE4400
Pavilion ZE4401
Pavilion ZE4401US
Pavilion ZE4402
Pavilion ZE4402US
Pavilion ZE4403
Pavilion ZE4403EA
Pavilion ZE4404
Pavilion ZE4404EA
Pavilion ZE4405EA
Pavilion ZE4406EA
Pavilion ZE4407EA
Pavilion ZE4408EA
Pavilion ZE4409EA
Pavilion ZE4410
Pavilion ZE4410AK
Pavilion ZE4410AP
Pavilion ZE4410CA
Pavilion ZE4410EA
Pavilion ZE4411AP
Pavilion ZE4412AP
Pavilion ZE4413AP
Pavilion ZE4414AP
Pavilion ZE4414EA
Pavilion ZE4415AP
Pavilion ZE4415EA
Pavilion ZE4416AP
Pavilion ZE4416EA
Pavilion ZE4417EA
Pavilion ZE4420
Pavilion ze4420CA
Pavilion ZE4420US
Pavilion ZE4422
Pavilion ZE4422EA
Pavilion ZE4423
Pavilion ZE4423EA
Pavilion ZE4424EA
Pavilion ZE4424US
Pavilion ZE4425EA
Pavilion ZE4427WM
Pavilion ZE4428EA
Pavilion ZE4430
Pavilion ZE4430US
Pavilion ZE4453
Pavilion ZE4453EA
Pavilion ZE4454
Pavilion ZE4454EA
Pavilion ZE4455
Pavilion ZE4455EA
Pavilion ze4500
Pavilion ZE4501
Pavilion ZE4501US
Pavilion ZE4502
Pavilion ZE4502US
Pavilion ZE4504
Pavilion ZE4504EA
Pavilion ZE4505
Pavilion ZE4505EA
Pavilion ZE4507
Pavilion ZE4507EA
Pavilion ZE4508
Pavilion ZE4508EA
Pavilion ZE4509
Pavilion ZE4509EA
Pavilion ZE4510
Pavilion ZE4510AP
Pavilion ZE4510EA
Pavilion ZE4510OM
Pavilion ZE4511EA
Pavilion ZE4512EA
Pavilion ZE4513EA
Pavilion ZE4514EA
Pavilion ZE4516EA
Pavilion ZE4518EA
Pavilion ZE4519EA
Pavilion ZE4520AP
Pavilion ZE4520EA
Pavilion ZE4521AP
Pavilion ZE4521EA
Pavilion ZE4522AP
Pavilion ZE4522EA
Pavilion ZE4523
Pavilion ZE4523AP
Pavilion ZE4523EA
Pavilion ZE4524EA
Pavilion ZE4525
Pavilion ZE4525EA
Pavilion ZE4525US
Pavilion ZE4526
Pavilion ZE4526EA
Pavilion ZE4530
Pavilion ZE4530US
Pavilion ZE4537
Pavilion ZE4540
Pavilion ZE4540CA
Pavilion ZE4540US
Pavilion ZE4545
Pavilion ZE4545SR
Pavilion ZE4545US
Pavilion ZE4546
Pavilion ZE4546SR
Pavilion ZE4547
Pavilion ZE4547US
Pavilion ZE4547WM
Pavilion ZE4550
Pavilion ZE4550ST
Pavilion ZE4560
Pavilion ZE4560US
Pavilion ZE4565QV
Pavilion ze4600
Pavilion ZE4601
Pavilion ZE4601US
Pavilion ZE4602
Pavilion ZE4602US
Pavilion ZE4603
Pavilion ZE4603EA
Pavilion ZE4604
Pavilion ZE4604EA
Pavilion ZE4604US
Pavilion ZE4605
Pavilion ZE4605EA
Pavilion ZE4605US
Pavilion ZE4610EA
Pavilion ZE4610US
Pavilion ZE4612EA
Pavilion ZE4614EA
Pavilion ZE4615EA
Pavilion ZE4620
Pavilion ZE4620US
Pavilion ZE4624
Pavilion ZE4624US
Pavilion ZE4630
Pavilion ZE4630US
Pavilion ZE4631EA
Pavilion ZE4640
Pavilion ZE4640US
Pavilion ze4700
Pavilion ZE4700 CTO
Pavilion ZE4700US
Pavilion ZE4710EA
Pavilion ZE4715EA
Pavilion ZE4717EA
Pavilion ZE4718EA
Pavilion ZE4719EA
Pavilion ZE4725EA
Pavilion ZE4728EA
Pavilion ze4800
Pavilion ZE4800 CTO
Pavilion ZE4801EA
Pavilion ZE4803US
Pavilion ZE4805US
Pavilion ZE4805WM
Pavilion ZE4810US
Pavilion ZE4815EA
Pavilion ZE4819EA
Pavilion ZE4820EA
Pavilion ZE4821EA
Pavilion ZE4828EA
Pavilion ZE5000
Pavilion ZE5155
Pavilion ZE5170
Pavilion ZE5185
Pavilion ZE5200
Pavilion ZE5207
Pavilion ZE5217
Pavilion ZE5228
Pavilion ZE5232
Pavilion ZE5236
Pavilion ZE5238
Pavilion ZE5240
Pavilion ZE5242
Pavilion ZE5244
Pavilion ZE5250
Pavilion ZE5252
Pavilion ZE5258
Pavilion ZE5262
Pavilion ZE5270
Pavilion ZE5279
Pavilion ZE5300
Pavilion ZE5307LA
Pavilion ZE5315EA
Pavilion ZE5320AP
Pavilion ZE5320EA
Pavilion ZE5325EA
Pavilion ZE5339EA
Pavilion ZE5343EA
Pavilion ZE5344EA
Pavilion ZE5345EA
Pavilion ZE5345US
Pavilion ZE5354EA
Pavilion ZE5357LA
Pavilion ZE5360
Pavilion ZE5360EA
Pavilion ZE5362
Pavilion ZE5362EA
Pavilion ZE5365
Pavilion ZE5365US
Pavilion ZE5367
Pavilion ZE5367US
Pavilion ZE5375
Pavilion ZE5375US
Pavilion ZE5385
Pavilion ZE5385CA
Pavilion ZE5385US
Pavilion ZE5395
Pavilion ZE5395US
Pavilion ZE5400
Pavilion ZE5407
Pavilion ZE5407LA
Pavilion ZE5410
Pavilion ZE5410AP
Pavilion ZE5413
Pavilion ZE5413EA
Pavilion ZE5414EA
Pavilion ZE5415
Pavilion ZE5415AP
Pavilion ZE5415EA
Pavilion ZE5416EA
Pavilion ZE5417LA
Pavilion ZE5418EA
Pavilion ZE5420EA
Pavilion ZE5425EA
Pavilion ZE5426EA
Pavilion ZE5427LA
Pavilion ZE5430EA
Pavilion ZE5440EA
Pavilion ZE5443EA
Pavilion ZE5445EA
Pavilion ZE5446EA
Pavilion ZE5447LA
Pavilion ZE5450
Pavilion ZE5451
Pavilion ZE5451US
Pavilion ZE5457
Pavilion ZE5457LA
Pavilion ZE5460
Pavilion ZE5460EA
Pavilion ZE5460US
Pavilion ZE5462
Pavilion ZE5462EA
Pavilion ZE5467
Pavilion ZE5467LA
Pavilion ZE5468
Pavilion ZE5468CL
Pavilion ZE5470
Pavilion ZE5470US
Pavilion ZE5475
Pavilion ZE5475CA
Pavilion ZE5477LA
Pavilion ZE5477WM
Pavilion ZE5478
Pavilion ZE5478CL
Pavilion ZE5490
Pavilion ZE5490US
Pavilion ZE5497
Pavilion ZE5497LA
Pavilion ZE5500
Pavilion ZE5501
Pavilion ZE5501US
Pavilion ZE5504
Pavilion ZE5504EA
Pavilion ZE5505
Pavilion ZE5505EA
Pavilion ZE5506
Pavilion ZE5506EA
Pavilion ZE5507
Pavilion ZE5507EA
Pavilion ZE5510AP
Pavilion ZE5510EA
Pavilion ZE5511AP
Pavilion ZE5511EA
Pavilion ZE5512AP
Pavilion ZE5512EA
Pavilion ZE5513AP
Pavilion ZE5514AP
Pavilion ZE5515AP
Pavilion ZE5515EA
Pavilion ZE5516AP
Pavilion ZE5516EA
Pavilion ZE5517AP
Pavilion ZE5517EA
Pavilion ZE5518AP
Pavilion ZE5519AP
Pavilion ZE5519EA
Pavilion ZE5520EA
Pavilion ZE5521AP
Pavilion ZE5521EA
Pavilion ZE5522AP
Pavilion ZE5523AP
Pavilion ZE5523EA
Pavilion ZE5524AP
Pavilion ZE5524EA
Pavilion ZE5525AP
Pavilion ZE5525EA
Pavilion ZE5526AP
Pavilion ZE5526EA
Pavilion ZE5527EA
Pavilion ZE5528EA
Pavilion ZE5529EA
Pavilion ZE5530EA
Pavilion ZE5531EA
Pavilion ZE5532EA
Pavilion ZE5533EA
Pavilion ZE5534EA
Pavilion ZE5535EA
Pavilion ZE5537LA
Pavilion ZE5547WM
Pavilion ZE5560
Pavilion ZE5560US
Pavilion ZE5565
Pavilion ZE5565QV
Pavilion ZE5568
Pavilion ZE5568CL
Pavilion ZE5570
Pavilion ZE5570US
Pavilion ZE5575
Pavilion ZE5575SR
Pavilion ZE5580
Pavilion ZE5580US
Pavilion ZE5587
Pavilion ZE5587LA
Pavilion ZE5590
Pavilion ZE5590US
Pavilion ZE5600
Pavilion ZE5601AP
Pavilion ZE5601EA
Pavilion ZE5602
Pavilion ZE5602AP
Pavilion ZE5602EA
Pavilion ZE5602US
Pavilion ZE5603
Pavilion ZE5603AP
Pavilion ZE5603EA
Pavilion ZE5603US
Pavilion ZE5604
Pavilion ZE5604AP
Pavilion ZE5604EA
Pavilion ZE5604RS
Pavilion ZE5605
Pavilion ZE5605AP
Pavilion ZE5605EA
Pavilion ZE5605SR
Pavilion ZE5607EA
Pavilion ZE5607WM
Pavilion ZE5608AP
Pavilion ZE5609AP
Pavilion ZE5609EA
Pavilion ZE5610
Pavilion ZE5610AP
Pavilion ZE5610CA
Pavilion ZE5610EA
Pavilion ZE5611AP
Pavilion ZE5611EA
Pavilion ZE5612AP
Pavilion ZE5612EA
Pavilion ZE5613AP
Pavilion ZE5613EA
Pavilion ZE5614AP
Pavilion ZE5614EA
Pavilion ZE5615
Pavilion ZE5615AP
Pavilion ZE5615CA
Pavilion ZE5615EA
Pavilion ZE5615SR
Pavilion ZE5616AP
Pavilion ZE5616EA
Pavilion ZE5617
Pavilion ZE5617AP
Pavilion ZE5617EA
Pavilion ZE5617WM
Pavilion ZE5618
Pavilion ZE5618CL
Pavilion ZE5618EA
Pavilion ZE5619EA
Pavilion ZE5620EA
Pavilion ZE5620US
Pavilion ZE5622EA
Pavilion ZE5623EA
Pavilion ZE5624EA
Pavilion ZE5626EA
Pavilion ZE5630US
Pavilion ZE5631EA
Pavilion ZE5635EA
Pavilion ZE5636EA
Pavilion ZE5637LA
Pavilion ZE5638EA
Pavilion ZE5640EA
Pavilion ZE5645EA
Pavilion ZE5647LA
Pavilion ZE5701US
Pavilion ZE5730
Pavilion ZE5730US
Pavilion ZE5731
Pavilion ZE5731US
Pavilion ZE5732
Pavilion ZE5738RS
Pavilion ZE5739CL
Pavilion ZT
Pavilion ZT1000
Pavilion zt1114
Pavilion ZT1114-F3415HG
Pavilion ZT1120
Pavilion ZT1120-F3377H
Pavilion ZT1120-F3377HR
Pavilion ZT1121
Pavilion zt1121s
Pavilion ZT1121S-F3382H
Pavilion ZT1122
Pavilion ZT1122S-F3405H
Pavilion ZT1125
Pavilion ZT1125-F3392H
Pavilion ZT1125-F3392HR
Pavilion zt1130
Pavilion ZT1130-F3378H
Pavilion ZT1130-F3378HR
Pavilion ZT1131
Pavilion zt1131s
Pavilion ZT1131S-F3388H
Pavilion ZT1132
Pavilion ZT1132S-F3406H
Pavilion ZT1135
Pavilion ZT1135-F3393H
Pavilion ZT1135-F3393HR
Pavilion ZT1141
Pavilion ZT1141-F3383H
Pavilion ZT1141-F3383HR
Pavilion ZT1142
Pavilion ZT1142-F3435H
Pavilion ZT1145
Pavilion ZT1145-F3401H
Pavilion zt1150
Pavilion ZT1150-F3379H
Pavilion ZT1150-F3379HR
Pavilion ZT1151
Pavilion ZT1151-F3390H
Pavilion ZT1152
Pavilion ZT1152-F3407H
Pavilion ZT1152-F3407HR
Pavilion ZT1155
Pavilion ZT1155-F3398H
Pavilion ZT1155-F3398HR
Pavilion ZT1161
Pavilion ZT1161-F3391H
Pavilion ZT1162
Pavilion ZT1162-F3436H
Pavilion zt1170
Pavilion ZT1170-F3380H
Pavilion ZT1170-F3380HR
Pavilion ZT1171
Pavilion ZT1171-F3384H
Pavilion ZT1171-F3384HR
Pavilion ZT1172
Pavilion ZT1172-F3437H
Pavilion ZT1175
Pavilion ZT1175-F3394H
Pavilion ZT1175-F3394HR
Pavilion zt1180
Pavilion ZT1180-F3387H
Pavilion ZT1180-F3387HR
Pavilion ZT1181
Pavilion ZT1182
Pavilion ZT1182-F3438H
Pavilion ZT1185
Pavilion ZT1185-F3399H
Pavilion ZT1185-F3399HR
Pavilion zt1190
Pavilion ZT1190-F3381H
Pavilion ZT1190-F3381HR
Pavilion ZT1192
Pavilion ZT1192-F3439H
Pavilion ZT1195
Pavilion ZT1195-F3395H
Pavilion ZT1195-F3395HR
Pavilion ZT1200
Pavilion ZT1201
Pavilion ZT1201S-F3420H
Pavilion ZT1210
Pavilion ZT1210-F3423H
Pavilion ZT1211
Pavilion ZT1211S-F3421H
Pavilion ZT1213
Pavilion ZT1230
Pavilion ZT1230-F5552H
Pavilion ZT1230-F5552HR
Pavilion ZT1231
Pavilion ZT1231s
Pavilion ZT1231S-F5545H
Pavilion ZT1233
Pavilion ZT1233-F5538HG
Pavilion ZT1235
Pavilion ZT1235-F5553H
Pavilion ZT1243
Pavilion ZT1243-F5539HG
Pavilion zt1250
Pavilion zt1260
Pavilion ZT1260-F3448H
Pavilion ZT1261
Pavilion ZT1261-F5532H
Pavilion ZT1270
Pavilion ZT1271
Pavilion ZT1271-F5549H
Pavilion ZT129
Pavilion zt1290
Pavilion ZT1290-F3450H
Pavilion zu1000
Pavilion ZU1155
Pavilion zu175
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How to Choose an AC Adapter

You should be very cautious when you buy an AC Adapter for your laptop. If you try to power your laptop using an inappropriate AC adapter it will damage your laptop.

There are 3 primary factors you need to consider before buying an ac adapter:

Voltage / Amperage / Tip

  • Make sure your original adapter's voltage (V1) is the same with our adapter (V2):V1=V2.
  • Make sure your original adapter's amperage (A1) is the same as our adapter (A2) , Or lower than ours': A2 >= A1.
  • Make sure your original adapter's tip is the same with ours , ( note the tip's size and shape ).

    • For example:

      If your original adapter is 19V 1.58A , tip size is 5.5mm*1.7mm

      The replacement adapter you should buy is

      19V 1.58A , tip size 5.5mm*1.7mm or

      19V 3.42A , tip size 5.5mm*1.7mm

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